How to create a Yahoo! account step by step?

crear cuenta yahoo

Email e-mail is a powerful communication tool that over the years has been able to consolidate itself the years has been able to consolidate, despite the emergence of new ways of interacting, such as interacting, such as social networks.

The truth is that having an email is synonymous with organization, versatility and professionalism. And that’s no exaggeration. Even the creation of an email is a must in civil, administrative and governmental processes in most countries around the world. It has simply become a personal digital identity document.

Now Now, email servers exist in bulk, each one offering very particular advantages to attract the very particular advantages to entice the Internet user to join their server. server.

In this particular Post, I want to focus on the Yahoo mail server or better known as Yahoo! Mail. I want to show you the easiest way to create a new Yahoo! account, how to customize it, and how you can use it from your Smartphone.

Yahoo! Mail account creation in English

Let’s first see how to create your own Yahoo account in Spanish for free, and then we will mention how you will be able to configure it to your liking.

You can access the official Yahoo website through the browser of your choice, but you should know that being an Online web service, it is strictly necessary to have an Internet connection to access it.

On the other hand, you will be asked by means of a few simple steps to fill in a series of information that you will need to remember later on. For this reason, I recommend that you choose a time when you can feel calm and serene. Have something to take notes with you.

Steps to opening a Yahoo! Mail account

Next, I want to present you step by step all the details so that you can understand in a simple way the process of creating an account in Yahoo! and, in addition, you can register in a few minutes without problems.

Enter the official Yahoo portal

Using your browser of choice, type in the following link in the address bar: and then press the “Enter” key.

You will see that when you load the Yahoo home page, you will see in the top right corner a button called “Mail”, right next to the envelope icon.

How to create a Yahoo! account step by step?
How to create a Yahoo! account step by step? 15

Click on that button and you will be redirected to the Yahoo mail login page. But since you don’t have an account yet, you will have to select the “Sign up” option that you will find a little further down.

You will now have before you a registration form that you will need to fill out to create your personal Yahoo account.

How to create a Yahoo! account step-by-step?

Fill in the registration form

The company Yahoo requires a series of personal data to make it suitable, so that it will be a free fill in the registration form. That it is a unique and exclusive account for you as a user. You must register your names (in case you have more than one) and surnames in the boxes clearly identified for that purpose.

You will find a box where you are required to enter the name you want your email to be identified with. Identify your email address, but it must be unique. If you provide an address that has already been used, you will be prompted to choose a different one.

Place your email password, which for security reasons must contain letters and numbers. Add your phone number (it adds more security) and your birth data. Try to choose a password that is easy to remember or write it down in a safe place. The “Gender” field is optional. Finally click the blue “Continue”

How to create a Yahoo! account step-by-step?

Phone number check

In this step, Yahoo needs to check that the entered phone number really belongs to you. For that reason, you must click the send code button and a text message will be sent to the cell phone you entered earlier with a code, so that you can enter it in the box provided for that purpose.

Once you enter the code you must click on the “Verify”


How to create a Yahoo! account step-by-step?

Completion of Yahoo account creation

When the system has already verified your mobile number, it automatically creates your Yahoo email account. But before you finish, you will be asked if you want to receive promotions and offers from the marketing department of the company you just joined.

Depending on you decide, you can select or not the options you like, and you must click the “Continue” button to click the “Continue” button to enter your Yahoo Mail inbox for the first time. Yahoo Mail inbox Welcome!

Setting up or customizing my Yahoo inbox

Yahoo Mail has the wonderful feature that you can particularity of being able to customize according to your tastes both its first side, the inbox, and its inbox, as well as its interior. At first, it might seem a bit complicated, but if you try complicated, but if you try to follow the following indications you don’t have to get lost.

Adapting the inbox

The inbox is the first view that you will get you’ll get the moment you log in to your email. It is the section where you will manage all your incoming mails and therefore the view that most needs to be in accordance with your requirements.

When you log in to Yahoo Mail for the first time for the first time, the system itself welcomes you and invites you to take a step so that you can customize the look and feel of your email to your liking.

A number of attractive background images and landscapes are made available to you so that you can select the one that most identifies you. If you have already chosen a particular one, but later wish to change it for a different one, you can do so without any problems.

When you have decided on the most suitable background, click on the “Keep background” option, and it will immediately change the background image of your background image of your Email. If you are not enthusiastic about placing a background, or you want to browse through its extensive gallery at a later time, just click on the “not now” option and skip the “not now” option, and you’ll skip that step.

Setting the text formatting of your messages

An email is mainly composed of words, and 95% of the communication via email is written. So you will most likely want a typeface that is pleasing to your eye and that style of writing will highlight your appearance of originality.

In order to modify this Yahoo Mail element, you need to access the “Compose” button, which you will see at the top and click on it. It will open a blank page for you.

You will now have a section designated “To”. Where you should place the email address to whom you want to send the mail. In the “Subject” section you should briefly describe the reason for the mail to be to send.

In the larger section, is where we can display all the writing we wish to express. In this box is where we can apply a typography modification to customize it. In the lower part you will have at your disposal some tools identified by icons, where you can icons, where the aforementioned modification is achieved. By means of them, you will be able to set the font size, apply bold, italics, font color or include emoticons. or include emoticons.

Set a predefined signature

There’s nothing that personalizes a piece of writing more than a personal signature. If you want to configure your own digital signature, just go to the “Settings” section and then click on “Accounts.

In this section you will find the option that says “include a signature”. This is where you will need to highlight with your custom signature. Remember that once you set up this signature, every email you issue through your Yahoo account will have your letterhead signature at the bottom.

Yahoo Mail from your Smartphone

Once you already have your Yahoo Mail account, you’ll probably want to continue enjoying its benefits from your own mobile device.

Using the webmail service you will be able to synchronize your email account to your Smartphone for a better experience. You only need to make certain configurations.

Synchronizing Yahoo Mail with Android

Using the webmail service you will be able to synchronize your email account to your Smartphone for a better experience. You only need to make certain configurations.

Synchronize Yahoo Mail with Android

With a simple configuration, you will have your Yahoo email account working seamlessly from the generic email managers that come generic email managers that come bundled with Android systems. Android systems. The truth is that you will have to take your precautions, because some of them tend to be somewhat vulnerable in terms of security.

To set up your account, just go to the “Settings” section. Then, under the “Accounts” section, you’ll need to log in to add your Yahoo account.

You will be shown several options, but the one you are interested in at the moment is the one that says “Mail”. Once there; before you start filling in your account details, you’ll first need to set up a manual configuration to choose between two alternatives: IMAP or POP3.

Once you have chosen the most suitable option, proceed with the entry of the required data: email name, password.

For the IMAP configuration you will have to go as follows:For the IMAP configuration you will have to go as follows:

  • Server: (where it says mail should be the name of your mail)
  • Port: 993
  • Security type: SSL/TLS.

For POP3 configuration you will need to go as follows:

  • Server: (where it says mail should be the name of your mail)
  • Port: 995
  • Security type: SSL/TLS.

The SMTP outgoing server must be configured as follows:

  • Server: (where it says mail should be your mail name)
  • Port: 465/587
  • Security type: SSL/TLS.
  • Authentication: Yes.

With all these configurations done, your Smartphone will be able to be synchronized with your Yahoo account, where you can synchronize with your Yahoo account. Yahoo, where you will be able to receive and send mails from your mobile without any inconvenience.

You can also download the official Yahoo Mail app from the Play Store, being the most recommended choice.

Synchronize Yahoo Mail with iPhone

Those who have a cell phone with the iOS operating system, you will be able to synchronize your Yahoo account account in an easy and simple way. You can see that the configuration parameters are predefined configuration parameters are predefined, it only requires you to activate them. activate them.

Go to the “Settings” section of your iPhone. Go to the “Accounts and passwords” option and click on “Add account”. You will see a list of providers where we must select the one we are interested in: Yahoo! Yahoo!

The next step is to enter the email name and password. Now you just have to wait for the system to synchronize the server, and immediately you will be able to enjoy your Yahoo Mail account from your iOS Smartphone.

If you want to use the official version, you can download Yahoo! Mail from the iTunes Store.

Advantages of using Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo is a very popular mail server among Spanish speakers, on a par with industry giants such as Gmail and Outlook. Despite this, according to surveys conducted in some previous years revealed, that in the U.S. is recorded the largest number of users affiliated with this email service.

One of the most outstanding advantages is its attractive, easy-to-manage interface. Thanks to its customization feature, the user customization feature, the user customizes his work environment and can organize it in efficient ways. It has virus and spam protection. The storage capacity is 1TB.

In addition to the Yahoo! Mail service, you can enjoy Yahoo Answers services from the inbox itself. Language diversity support is extensive, and it continually continues to expand its services to improve the experience of its loyal contributors every day.

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