How to create a free Outlook or Hotmail account

crear cuenta outlook hotmail

Hotmail offers a completely free email service. For some time Microsoft mail came to be at the top, however, some free mail services like Gmail, made him lose some followers.

However, to our surprise, in the last few years this email service decided to get a “body shop” makeover and completely changed its name and image from Hotmail to Outlook, which has placed it as one of the most used email managers in the world.

You can create a Hotmail account very easily and at no cost. Now, what are the advantages of doing so? What’s new with Hotmail’s makeover? And of course, how to create an email in Hotmail Outlook? In this post I will give answers to these questions.

Complete tutorial to create a Microsoft email

Microsoft email has a long history, however, despite the time elapsed very few people have used Hotmail email taking advantage of all its tools, before explaining how to create a Hotmail account, let’s dive into the advantages of opening mail with Outlook.

Why create an Outlook account? All the advantages

It is important to note that Hotmail changed its design and name on February 19, 2013. However, Hotmail can still be accessed through That is, users of the old Hotmail did not need to re-create an account. Now, if you use another email service, I invite you to analyze some advantages of Outlook.

Intuitive interface

Today’s modern world demands things to be easy and quick to use. Outlook mail offers you a simple design, the email options don’t require a course for you to learn how to navigate, rather in a few minutes you will feel like a true expert.

Maybe for the more complex functionalities you will need a few days, however, I can assure you that its use is very intuitive.

Efficient anti-spam service

It is very annoying to receive advertising mails. These junk mails flood our account and prevent us from using the service optimally. Well, Hotmail or Outlook has an intelligent system that allows you to detect spam. In this way your inbox will be free of this malicious advertising.

This anti-spam system has a color code that clearly indicates if the sender or the messages are spam. There are three basic colors, green, yellow and red. The first one indicates that the message is safe, the yellow one indicates that it is an advertisement or newsletter and the red one alerts us that the message is totally dangerous that is to say a phishing attack.

Don’t you know what this type of attack is all about? Well, this assault is very dangerous, because it has the property of making you reveal personal information to unscrupulous people. Let me explain, the cybercriminals send you messages to your email asking for your credit card information, social security, passwords, etc.

These emails have the appearance of being authentic, their design is similar to that of legal institutions such as a Bank, PayPal among others. Consequently, many, many people have disclosed information through these means and have been robbed of their belongings.

Although you can protect yourself from these types of threats, it is a convenience that Outlook mail has such an intelligent system to detect these types of fraudulent messages. It’s certainly an excellent advantage of this mail manager.

Of course, it is also necessary that you never become an accomplice of spammers. So, if you have sent some mail and your sender has not received it, maybe Microsoft is considering it as spam.

A mass mailing to several accounts can be taken as misconduct, so in order for you to take advantage of this advanced anti-spam system I invite you to inform yourself of the “Microsoft Anti-Spam Policies.”

New features

Since Hotmail made its makeover it allows us to perform new functions. For example, it gives us the option of viewing Microsoft Office documents.

From the same email you can view your Excel and Word documents. This option is very useful if you want to quickly look at the information you have been sent, you can even make modifications without installing any extra application.

Another highlight is that it allows us to access our contacts almost automatically and presents them to you in an extraordinary order.

In addition, you can add contacts from your mobile or Skype. This brings an incredible comfort, because you will have it at hand, just when you need it.

Organization and filtering system

Order allows us to perform better at work.

What you should do is configure the filter and indicate some keyword that you remember and that’s it! You’ll have the information you’re looking for.

In the same vein, Outlook offers you the option to organize and classify your contacts and emails. This way if you constantly use the mail you will not get lost in that ocean of information. This is undoubtedly one of the invaluable advantages of creating a Hotmail account.

Gather your email accounts in one place

If you have several email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo!, you can unify them in one place so that you are not opening several windows, all messages will arrive in the same inbox. Great!

Smart calendar

Outlook offers you a calendar in which you can write down important events, either from work or from your personal life. Indicate the day and what you want to be reminded, and you will receive a notification to your email with the free reminder.

Sending of large files

This aspect is very prominent among Outlook’s advantages. With the old Hotmail sending information was not so easy and the reason for this is that some documents were very heavy, therefore, sending them was limited.

However, nowadays this mail service has OneDrive, cloud storage so you can send any document no matter how large or heavy it is.

Memory with no limits

One of the improvements of the new “Hotmail” is the email storage capacity. Before we had to constantly delete emails to make room for new emails. That’s a thing of the past, you don’t have to worry about this issue anymore.

This Hotmail makeover represented a transformation without limits. Best of all, creating a free Hotmail account is very easy, in fact, we can say that it will only take you about 10 minutes or so. Don’t know how to do it? I invite you to create an Outlook email account.

Free Hotmail is very easy, in fact, we can say that it will only take about 10 minutes or so. Don’t know how to do it? I invite you to create an Outlook email.

Steps to create a free Hotmail or Outlook account

Before we start with the steps that will allow you to acquire an Outlook account, it is important to note that if you already have a Hotmail account you do not need to open a new account. However, if you would like to create a new Hotmail account for free, you can do so by following these simple steps.


It seems like an obvious aspect, however, I want you to know everything you need to know to get your new account. You need to have Internet access, with this present you can proceed to the next step.

You must type in the address bar the Outlook page, once there select the section that says “Sign up now”.

Fill in the required information

This information is basic and simple, you will be asked to enter your name which will be accompanied by, or even The options make no difference. Then you must click on the “Next” option.


If a red warning appears, it is clear evidence that the name you just chose is in use. Therefore, you must change it because they must be unique. I will offer you a piece of advice before proceeding, try to think carefully about the purpose you will give to your account.

If it will be personal you can include your last name perhaps in abbreviated form. But if you are going to use it for business or commercial purposes put a name allusive to it, that will give you a more professional look.

A curious aspect regarding the, or options is that, if the name you have decided to implement is not available for example in Hotmail, maybe it will be available in the other two options.

Before you get discouraged that someone else is using the name you wanted, make sure it is not available in the other emails.

Use a password that is easy to remember, but hard to guess

This is one of the basics. You can do a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, also you can include symbols or numbers. It must contain at least 8 characters, make sure the password is easy to remember, but try not to make it obvious. You must click “Next.”

Personal identification

This is the time to indicate first and last names, as well as date of birth and country or region where you reside.

Resolve the captcha

You must solve a captcha to verify that the one trying to open an account is not a computer program or robot. The captcha is very simple, in fact, if you can’t visualize what it says you can take advantage of the option in sound, type it as shown with its upper and lower case letters.

Ready! You have now created a free Hotmail account. Now all you need to do is browse your mail and configure a few things to your liking.

How to configure your Hotmail or Outlook account

The first thing you must do is to configure the language, for this you must indicate in a window that will pop up, your language in addition to the time zone. Then you can learn a little about the options offered by this mail service.

Changing the mail theme is very easy and offers comfort to the eye. There are a variety of colors and designs, some are very childish others are more sober, this way you can couple it to your personality.

On the other hand, you can modify your signature, this will bring professionalism to your emails, if it is commercial you can use a signature according to the business. This signature is not permanent, that is to say you can change it whenever you want and even deactivate it according to the message you want to send.

Don’t forget to click on the arrow that says “Continue” this will save the modifications you have made. Then you will click “Start” and you are done.

How to open Outlook mail

If you already proceeded to create your account on this server, opening it to log in is very easy. Go to the Outlook home page and click the “sign in” button. Then enter your email address or phone number (if you entered it when you created it). Click “next.”

On the new page you will be asked to enter your password, you must enter identical characters, taking care of the upper and lower case words you have entered. Click “login”


It is important to note that, if you are going to access your mail on the same computer, you can indicate that the session will remain active by clicking the box that says:Keep logged in.

However, if you do not use the same or shared computer, I recommend that you uncheck this box so that you can type your password each time you log in.

It is vitally important that you constantly open your Outlook account, because, if 365 days go by without logging in, you will simply be logged out.

How to log out of Outlook

Signing out of Hotmail is very simple, just go to the top of the screen. There you will see an image, and click where it says “sign out.” Now, if you don’t see it, maybe it’s because you have ad blocking enabled. Sometimes that prevents you from seeing the image, and you can log out.

Why is it useful to have an Outlook or Hotmail email?

Although we have already discussed the advantages of an Outlook email, I can assure you that the usefulness of a Microsoft email is not limited to those already mentioned; there is much more. Actually the Outlook email is the key to use some services that make our life easier, then, I will point out the usefulness of opening a Hotmail account.

Windows 10 App Login

In the Windows 10 OS Store Apps,you’ll find a variety of entertainment material such as movies, music and even TV series. In addition to thousands of games and applications some without totally free.

All this wealth of entertainment is at your fingertips if you have a Microsoft account, most notably Outlook.

After creating an account, you can browse within the store and download via your Tablet, computer, Smartphone or any electronic device the content of your choice.

The way Outlook integrates with Microsoft Exchange Play makes it a favorite among free email managers. Just sign in with your Hotmail or Outlook account, and you’re ready to start enjoying its features.

Using Skype

Outlook is linked with Skype and in the modern world we live in this option is vital for long distance communication. It is true, that other mail managers offer a somewhat similar video calling service, such is the case with Hangouts.

However, Skype is superior, as it not only allows you to make accurate voice and video calls, but it also offers the option to call mobile numbers, which makes this application versatile.


Hotmail definitely went to the beauty salon and became a real lady: Outlook. With its refreshed look it offers us a multitude of unique advantages and comfort.

On the other hand, the utility of using a Microsoft account makes it a vital tool, whether for recreation or long- and short-distance communication.

One of the highlights above is the fact that you are not required to pay a fee to access this mail, as Outlook is totally free, plus you don’t need to spend a lot of time to create your account on this server.

Approximately 10 minutes is the time you need, however, logging in is much easier.

Don’t get left behind and enjoy all that this email offers you, in the past it was a means to send and receive content, now, it is a key to many functionalities such as Skype video calls and the Windows 10 store.

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