10MinuteMail: Everything you need to know


In the Internet world there are many pages that catch our attention. However, sometimes we want to take a brief look at them, but they ask us for an email to browse the site or download an application. For these cases, it will be useful to know 10MinuteMail and learn how to use it.

If you give out your personal email address you run the risk of being flooded with spam. This situation is very annoying, in fact, it ruins our mail, because it becomes difficult to distinguish spam from messages of importance. What should you do? Create a fake email account, how can you do it? With 10minutemail. Below, I will tell you everything you need to know.

What is 10minutemail

It is a totally free email service, which offers you the option to create a temporary email account for only 10 minutes. Of course, if you need more time you must extend it to 10 minutes more if the time limit has not expired. In essence, we are dealing with a fake or disposable email account.

Disposable items are thrown in the trash once used, this mail after use self-destructs once its “10 minute” useful time expires. If you need a long-lasting mail, I advise you to read this post about creating a free Outlook or Hotmail account.

10MinuteMail example

Why do you need a temporary email

This type of service is very useful in several areas. The main one is that by directing you to some untrusted website you won’t reveal your personal information. You may think that this has no relevance, but the truth is that our information is sold and can be used for different purposes. So it is imperative that you take care of your privacy.

Another 10minutemail utility is that, by not revealing your personal email, you get rid of spam emails. Therefore, you can confidently enter any page, download an application, offer comments, etc, without the fear that you will later be sent annoying propaganda.

This type of advertising drowns out our inbox, so that it can sometimes be a real Sometimes it can be a real challenge to get the emails that are important, so to avoid this to avoid this problem that has haunted us for a long time, is that this platform was time, is that this disposable email platform is born.

Nowadays, the habit of flooding our mailbox with spam is becoming more and more widespread, so if you want the ultimate solution to this problem, you need a disposable or temporary email like 10minutemail.

How to get or create a 10MinuteMail account

You don’t really need to perform a great diversity of steps to get a temporary email account, in fact, it’s very simple, you just need to log in to the “10minutemail” web platform.

Once inside you will see your newly created email, which will be presented with a combination of letters and numbers. A sort of timer will pop up, telling you that the time it will expire soon.

No need to answer endless questionnaires, password confirmation, mobile number, etc. The account is opened by simply logging into the official platform, simple, fast and secure!

It can be said that the creation of this type of email is automatic. Never before has it been so easy to get an email address. Remember that you are against the clock, it is time to make use of new account.

Go to 10MinuteMail

How to use the new temporary mailer

You can start using your new temporary account immediately. Your new temporary account immediately, in fact, if you opened it to enter a web page a web page, you can copy and paste it wherever you want (underneath the address there is a blue the address there is an option in blue that says: copy to clipboard).

While you are using it, you must be aware of the time, that is, you must not let it expire before using the account for the function you want. Once it has done its job, you can forget about the timer.

To take advantage of the limited time that this service gives you, it is vital that you navigate a little on the platform, there you will see several options that will allow you to use your mail comfortably.

10MinuteMail: Everything you need to know

Features of 10MinuteMail

This fake email has a number of simple features that make using it easy and simple to perform. Although its interface is very intuitive, I want to explain in detail some distinctive aspects of the server. of the server. In the following, I will point out some of the features of its interface:

Update page

This option allows you to refresh the page. It’s really a simple option in case you don’t know that with the F5 key does the same thing, this way it makes your stay on the website more comfortable. comfortable.

Give me 10 more minutes

Obviously this option offers you the possibility of extend the lifetime of the new account. As long as the ten minute startup have not expired, you can extend them to ten more extend them to ten more to complete 100 minutes; if you so require.

On other email spoofing platforms the lifespan of the email can extend up to a month. However, that is not the case with 10MinuteMail, this server is very simple and really ephemeral, if you want a longer lasting email, then temporary will not be your best choice.

Get another account

When you request a new account, the previous one will be deleted immediately. However, you can recover it and use it together with the new account for as many minutes as you need. You require.

Retrieve mail

You can click this option if you got a new account, then you can recover the old one. Now, if you decide to get a third temporary account, the one you just retrieved will be deleted automatically. automatically.


In this section you can receive the emails you want, in fact, the first one you will see is the welcome, just below it appears a direct access to the tray, from there you can receive emails to any Hotmail, Gmail, etc. server.

Don’t worry if hundreds of them start arriving avalanche style, those messages will self-destruct like the classic movie “mission impossible.”

At the top of the page you will get some tabs, which briefly explain that 10MinuteMail is a free and simple server, and answer some basic questions about email.

Advantages of using 10minuteMail “the temporary or fake mail”

As I have explained to you the utilities of a fake, temporary or disposable email are very broad. On almost every page they ask for information to register before viewing the content. This can be somewhat annoying, due to the fact that, if in the end we are not interested in the page, we already give it our personal address and it is very heavy to deal with the consequences of that action.

Imagine you have money to buy some rapa to wear, you want something nice, but you still don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. So you decide to take a tour of the stores, but stop!

To enter you have to leave your personal information, there is a line at the register is it worth it, what if after entering the store there is nothing of interest to you? No doubt that such a situation is demotivating.

That situation is similar to the idea of registering every time you enter a web page or portal and precisely to avoid that inconvenience is the idea of a disposable email was born. Next, I will explain in I will explain in detail all the advantages of having an email account of only 10 minutes:I will explain in detail all the advantages of having an email account of only 10 minutes:

You won’t see any more Spam

This is one of the most powerful advantages to encourage you with 10MinuteMail. Let me explain, some web portals, solicit registration to then send you advertising. However, after you enter their platform with that temporary email and confirm the address, that account is deleted, even so, you already have access to the page in question.

This situation is similar to paying with counterfeit money. You accept that form of payment, there is no way to go back. It can be said that this type of mails are false, nevertheless, they are very useful to evade the spams generated by some companies. The spams that some companies generate and that really can be very annoying.


Although you can’t get more than two accounts at the same time, the truth is that there is no limit to the number of accounts you can creation, so, you can log in as many times as you want to the platform and create on the platform and create a new one as soon as the old one is self-destructed and use it for any and use it for any function you want.

Simple and quick to create

Just one click is all you need to create a 10minutemail email account. The click is to login to the official site. Those endless security questions won’t be necessary, in fact, that would ruin the concept of a disposable email.

Temporary mail

With this kind of mailing you don’t worry about the number of accounts you’ve created, they won’t get misplaced somewhere, they are simply destroyed because they have served their purpose.

Random heading

The name of your new account is randomly assigned, i.e. it is not linked to your personal information. Therefore, you don’t have to fear for your identity, I can really assure you that with this fake account you will go completely unnoticed.

A noteworthy aspect is that this kind of platforms that offer this kind of email platforms that offer this kind of email, have designed their service in such a clever way that site domain that the administrators of the domains of websites do not manage to detect that the registered email is disposable.

Personal information protected 100%

This is one of the big concerns of users. With this type of service you have the advantage and security that no one has access to your inbox. In fact, your account is not reused by anyone else.

The self-destruct option makes it a very secure email, because, just as you yourself cannot log in again after it has been completely deleted, no one else will. Confidentiality is one of the most marked features and advantages of 10MinuteMail.

Anonymous message

With this server you can send a message to a person without them being able to track you, in fact, they won’t even be able to send a reply message. To take advantage of this option you must click on the second envelope, (sharing option) located on the side tab.

There you must indicate the email of your friend and in the option “FROM” place your temporary account. In the subject you can write whatever you want, and it will be sent immediately.

Can it be used only on a computer?

At the beginning of its launch, it was available only for the computer, however, the rise in the use of devices, has made the different platforms offer the different platforms to offer the option of browsing on devices such as tablets, Smartphone tablets, Smartphone, among others.

Recently the platform incorporated an update that makes it possible for mobile devices to access the website. Therefore, you can navigate with total freedom from any time or place. A highlight is that even older mobiles are compatible with the server, which expands your options.

On the other hand, it’s important to note that since it’s a really temporary account, you don’t have many options in a temporary account, it does not have many options in terms of design, it is very basic in its appearance, this is due to the fact that the server is thinking is due to the fact that the server is thinking in the user who wants an email immediately, perhaps to enter a portal perhaps to enter a portal in which they are asking for an email address. It is very basic. Email address.

The spoofed mail server contains a space that allows you to you to get succinct information about the site. You can locate it in the top left tab that says “About” there are some general questions there, and an option for you to an option to contact the administrators and administrators and express any doubt or problem you may have with the service. service.

You can also choose the language in which you will see the platform, which includes Spanish.

There really isn’t much to describe about the portal, because just like a disposable cup it doesn’t have a complicated design, since it has been designed to be used once and then thrown away, likewise 10MinuteMail, has a very simple design and layout, since it has been thought so that the new email address is deleted or discarded almost automatically.


On the web we can find a great diversity of entertaining information, therefore, in many occasions we want to download applications, a book, comment on a page in which the content interests us or express a concern, but just when we decide to do it we are asked to be registered, so an email address is a must.

If these sites were limited to sharing information, the Internet would be something else, however, some portals are responsible for sending spam until boredom.

It is at this point that fake emails are a definite definite. Now, I would suggest that you do not use them assiduously in every website subscription.

Remember that these emails are temporary, so any message that arrives in your inbox will be deleted in 10 minutes. Inbox will be deleted in 10 minutes.

So, if you subscribe to a respectable site to subscribe to a reputable site where they will send you some affiliate code or affiliation codes, or messages of great significance, you will lose them immediately.

Use this option for those pages that you don’t trust. confidence. You can also use it to enter out of curiosity some portals but that you know that most likely you will not be part of it.

This way you don’t have to compromise your personal information, nor do you don’t have to fight against advertisements.

Although the world of the Internet brings us some inconveniences, the truth is that with inconveniences come solutions, so take advantage of this excellent tool and forget about spam forever.

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