What is Content Marketing?

que es el content marketing

In the midst of the unstoppable digital advance, content marketing is a very common term and we often hear about its need and importance. But we really need to be clear about What is it? What is it? What is its cycle? What are its strategic and technical particularities?

Content marketing is an innovative technique that consists of creating and distributing content of value to readers, seeking to fulfill an objective, through user training and entertainment. Thus, it has become an unstoppable and almost mandatory trend for companies and startups.

In other words: content is king and every tweet you read, post you share or e-book you download can be part of a strategy that has a final goal, which can be a sale, branding, lead generation. In addition, it serves to build brand and generate a much greater emotional bond with customers or potential customers.

Content marketing cycle

Content marketing, a precise and interlocking cycle that consists of the following phases:

  1. Listen to your audience or your ideal reader: if you want people to read you, share you and build loyalty, you must get to know the readers of your blog or try to think how they would do it.
  2. Decide on topics and keywords: a good content marketing strategy should focus on specific topics, composed of specific keywords that reflect the needs, problems or tastes of your readers.
  3. Create content: content should always have value, and you should not write about just anything. Do it about your niche, your topic, your keywords and most importantly: do it for your readers.
  4. Promote the content: On the Internet we are real strangers and people do not know of our existence, so we have to promote ourselves, yes or yes. There are networks, networking, the help of influencers and even pay if you need it.
  5. Measure and evaluate: what is not measured, does not exist. It is impossible to know if your content marketing efforts are working, if you are not measuring and checking.
  6. Rethink the strategy: If you see that the metrics do not match the strategy you are carrying out, rethink what is happening. Do you have a lot of traffic but do not convert? Is the opposite happening? Is your website too slow?

The marketing and/or communication professional are different rules, processes, techniques and tools that you can apply in the definition and implementation of your content marketing strategies, in the framework of the development of the tactical planning of any company.

The important thing is to stay in constant updating to know how to proceed.

Learn how to create different content, from textual to audiovisual. Also how to use your content in the most appropriate way in each context. Also, use the right channels and have knowledge about the use of the different tools.

This will lead you to know how to correctly define your content marketing strategy in its entirety, from initial research to execution, publishing and SEO.

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