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Literature has always been present and is a fundamental feature of humanity since the very beginning of societies and empires. Technological advances have given a great impulse in the socio-cultural development of the community century after century, adapting to the continuous advances.

So I ask you, Do you want to know how to download free ePub books? Do you know where to download free books? In this post we are going to see how to download free epub books in Spanish without registering in 2019 with the compilation of the best sites to download free ePub.

In the case of paper we can mention papyrus, parchment, all the way to the most common for us, the leaves of processed trees.

When we talk about reading and writing, the first thing that comes to mind is pen and paper. But even these two primary elements, in themselves, have undergone transformations and updates through the passage of time. For example, the pen has gone from charcoal to ink.

Nowadays, digitizing books with ePubs is the order of the day.

Pen and paper become abstract concepts in this digital era and although it is true that many people always prefer to enjoy good reading in the most conventional way, the truth is that more and more people are inclined to enter the universe of digital bookstores, by the wide advantages obtained over the traditional.

Nowadays, what we are looking for is pages to download free books that help us to read.

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From this new concept of literature, formats such as Epub, PDF or Mobi among others, may be very familiar to us.

We want to enjoy reading a good book from the comfort of our electronic devices or computer, and we are presented with the need for reliable portals of diverse content that satisfy our most desired requests and if it is free; so much the better.

Are you one of those who like literature, but you are not very assiduous at reading? It’s no contradiction, it just might happen.

Well, it is possible by means of these electronic alternatives, to solve this apparent inconvenience, by means of audio books. In the world of the Internet we can benefit from very good alternatives that adapts to our needs and literary tastes and that we will develop in this Post.

We We invite you to increase your knowledge about what is an ebook or electronic book, how many types are there? How many types are there, and how and where to download free books?

E-books or digital books? What are they?

By definition an e-book is an intangible object created digitally; of indefinite size, is stored on an electronic programming interface. This interface in which the electronic book is created, will define the format for which it can be processed or read by a book reader program.

Also known as Ebook by its English definition. These digital files are usually of little electronic “weight”, that is, they do not require large storage capacity.

However, if the e-book is enriched with audiovisual material or high-definition images, this increases considerably in its weight in megabytes (megabyte = unit of digital weight).

Under this concept, we now have the transformation from conventional ink and paper to electronic ink, which actually electronic ink, which actually consists of a contrasting effect between illumination and illumination and absence of it, in specific sections created on a digitized sheet.

It is estimated that one of the first contributions of great relevance for the impulse of the Ebook, were for the decade of the 50s, where the name of Ángela Ruiz Robles, known as Ángela Ruiz Robles, stands out. Robles, who is known as the forerunner of the Ebook.

Now as any revolutionary invention, as wonderful as it is, it has advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages of the ebook

  • Through the Ebooks you have the utility of enjoying any published information, at any time you wish.
  • Obviously we are contributing greatly to the ecology, because by using these electronic methods, the demand for pencil creation is reduced.
  • We can take with us anywhere we go, a mountain of books of interest to us in the tiny size of a pocket. Digital format, allows us to enrich the text with multimedia material

Disadvantages of the ebook

  • This method of information storage is not as long-lived as conventional paper. It is estimated that information produced entirely in digital format would not be preserved intact compared to literary works thousands of years old, such as the bible, for example. It is said that we are living in the age of oblivion.
  • There is a latent and real risk of losing complete control of commercial production. Plagiarism and illegal distribution of unpublished material is the headache of many authors.
  • Although it is true that the environment is preserved by reducing deforestation, on the other hand, the exploitation of non-renewable resources necessary for the manufacture of electronic devices increases, causing a negative impact on the environment
  • It is absolutely necessary to obtain an electronic device, which may require a considerable investment, to be able to access the reading of electronic books.

Websites where you can download free books

30 free days of books on Amazon .

Internet is a window to a world without limits, in the network we can find thousands of sources to download e-books, the question is to have a safe and reliable access, while having at hand a wide range of possibilities.

Next, I explain you the best sites to download free ePub preferred by users to download free epub, as well as download free PDF books. For me, the best site to download books in pdf is among the 8 options.

8 of the best sites to download books for free


It is a portal that allows a community of readers to organize and collaborate in order to collect and upload a wide variety of digital books to the web. This website works very similar to other free movie and music download portals that flood the web, you can get more than 33,000 books in different languages. At epublibre, downloading books for free is a reality with the possibility of downloading them without registration.


It is a virtual library that has been conceived for readers who are looking for literary works of all genres, without the need to pay any fee to obtain them. Currently, Espaebook has more than 62,500 books to download for free.

You can download books for free or read them online in a fast, effective and safe way.


It is a web page, portal style, which offers a large number of digital books in Spanish totally free, you can browse the site without registering; although it is necessary to do so to enjoy the many options of the portal.

The design of Lectulandia is attractive and simple, it has three distinctive tabs: authors, genres and series, in which we can navigate in order to find the book that catches our attention. You can now download books without any problems.


Epubgratis is a portal with a nice and simple interface, with a high number of titles, in different formats which broadens our download possibilities.

An aspect of great interest in this portal is its subscription system, which offers us the opportunity to receive a variety of electronic books in our mail totally free. Undoubtedly in it we can download free epub books. The best free epub books to download are here.


It is a portal that offers us the opportunity to download free epub books in Spanish without registering and the best thing is that it has a wide variety of titles. Its interface is not very attractive however it is functional, we can download the content with a bittorrent link, or with a direct download link.


This portal has an extensive catalog of approximately 110,000 works, with a wide variety of titles, from novels, science, medicine, to cooking, etc. Its database is so extensive that we can assure you that, if the book you are looking for is not here, then it is not anywhere.

Freebook sifter

It is a tool that allows us to locate a variety of books from different sources on the network, has a tab that divides the eBooks by genre, totally free. It maintains a constant update in its content.

An interesting aspect is that in order to offer the content at no cost, it is careful to remove links to books that are no longer free.

It offers its content in different formats among which are pdf, txt, epub, etc.. It allows you to download books for free without registration.


It is a website primarily focused on offering e-books aimed at college students to download free pdf books. It has an order that dramatically facilitates our search for content. There we will find a lot of information geared towards university disciplines.

Types of digital books

At the time of enjoyment of a good e-book, it is necessary to understand that there is a there is a variety of e-books. But beware, we must not confuse the types of Ebooks and what are their different formats. They are two totally different subjects. Let’s see both mentions and let’s learn how to distinguish them.

First, let’s talk about the types of digital books. They are classified as follows. way:

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Linear textbooks

Like a conventional physical book, this type of text is arranged along the length of the document linearly, as the name implies, with paragraphs arranged one after the other

Graphic books

It arises from the combination of a linear text book with inserted images as the case may be. It can present illustrated pictures allusive to the developed topic, to give a visual support to the theme; as it happens in the case of photography magazines, or also the images can be covering the whole page with the texts inserted in it, a very common feature of cartoon comics.

The images used in this type of books can be static, as if they were a photograph, or they can be moving images, as is the case of gif images, which behave as micro-videos while still being an image as such.


This type of e-book offers us an auditory aid in narrative form. This proposal is very attractive, because it gives us a very vivid literary work, where we may enjoy ambient sound, as well as the recording of different voices that identify each character.

If we can follow the reading of the audiobook we are playing or simply close our eyes and close the

Telematic books

These are linear or non-linear textbooks that possess unique properties for telecommunications, making them a participatory tool in group chats, conferences or mass access to external sources.

Multimedia books

This is a type of rich content book, where we find combined multimedia material. Through it you can enjoy videos, images, sounds, internal links or external access hyperlinks.

In many cases these books are interactive, allowing the reader to satisfy all his knowledge demands without leaving the document. It is worth mentioning that, because of their benefits, these books are what commonly have a considerable weight, so they will require a good size of storage space.

Once we understand the different types of existing eBooks and their functionalities, we must familiarize ourselves with the different formats available for download.

Next, we explain in brief, the most popular formats on the web and of greater compatibility with the current electronic devices:

  • ePUB: Epub books are formats that have gained good ground among readers and publishers. Although it has not yet become the standard par excellence in the Ebook world, it is rebounding very well, perhaps achieving it in the near future. It is compatible with most electronic devices with one or two exceptions such as Kindle. Its design and architecture allows it to adjust to the characteristics of the programs dedicated to this format.
  • PDF: This name comes from the acronym “Portable Document Format” and is a pioneer in the field as it is the most popular and widely distributed format on the planet. Most books are presented in this format due to its simplicity when creating, downloading and distributing them. The layout of the information is presented in a flat, linear format while retaining its appearance at all times.
  • MOBI: This is a format that is similar to ePUB because of its ability to adjust to the device due to its wide integration, and because of its architecture it is more difficult to plagiarize, a very useful feature preferred by authors. It does not have as much download presence as other formats.
  • Txt: This e-book is extremely minimalist, so it shows us strictly linear information, not very attractive
30 free days of books on Amazon

But well, can I read books on Smartphone, Tablets and PCs?

The answer is a resounding Yes! Today, with so many technological advances, there is a wide range of applications and diversity of applications and formats that make it possible for electronic devices that we commonly use for other electronic devices that we commonly use for other purposes, are also useful for reading our favorite book.

The storage system that today gives us our computer, tablet and even our small mobile (Smartphone) is so wide, that we can not only file a single book, if not hundreds of them. This is very useful, since we can use our devices for different activities.

The applications that make possible the reading of the Ebook in our devices, are very simple, and usually we can get them at no cost. They have a variety of options, as if it were a physical book, and they can be obtained at no cost. As if it were a physical book.

For example, we can mark the last page we have read, underline interesting aspects in different colors, add notes or comments in different colors, add notes or comments as if they were remarks in the margins. in the margins.

An even more useful is the possibility to see the illustrations enlarged, so we can get the most out of we can get the most out of our book. Reading on our computer is possible, Tablet and Smartphone offer us greater advantages, by the fact that we can read in a more comfortable that we can read in a more comfortable position (lying down) and at any time and place, and the best thing is that these mobiles do not weigh at all.

30 free days of books on Amazon

How to download free e-books or e-books

The idea of reading in free digital books is very attractive, we have already talked about some advantages of reading using the digital era that reigns in the present. Next, we will talk about how to download e-books for free.

On the Internet there are official portals that make available the literary work with a modest cost, however, although the price is not so high, in some underdeveloped countries it is a great underdeveloped country it is a big problem to have an account in a foreign currency, so that the pages that foreign currency, so the sites that offer the free text material for free are very attractive and useful.

Some of the sites for downloading free books maintain their platform with advertisements, so some of these portals have a large number of them which can be very annoying, for this we recommend a good ad blocker.

These portals, usually are simple when downloading ebooks , offer several options for download formats among the most common are PDF, Epub and Mobi, you can choose the one of your preference (you must make sure you have a book reader, which reads the format in question).

Sometimes when you click on the download button, the site directs you to another page with false download links, you have to document well (perhaps it is useful to read comments from other users) to identify the correct link, at first it may seem difficult, but as you continue downloading content on the web it will become easier.

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