How to download ebooks from Epublibre if the web is not working?

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Books are tools that open the doors to endless learning. With ePubLibre, reading transports us to magical, dramatic worlds, to curious things and to a numerous knowledge that broadens our life experience.

For a long time we made use of books, and treasured them in our home, but because of our passion for reading they accumulated too many in our personal library, nesting a diversity of critters that ultimately damaged our cherished literary work.

What is ePubLibre, the best Manual with tricks and 4 Best Alternatives

Those problems are in the past with the new digital age.

ePubLibre makes it possible for us to move to a world of knowledge with its books, but… How does ePubLibre work, is it free? Here we will talk about ePubLibre and the best alternatives.

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What is

ePubLibre is a portal that allows a community of readers to organize and collaborate in order to gather and upload a wide variety of digital books. This website works very similar to other free movie and music download portals that flood the web.

What is Epublibre, the best Manual with tricks and Best Alternatives?

This website is known by that name because it only features ebooks in EPUB only with ebooks in EPUB format. The downloads of the content on this website are completely free of charge. It is important to note that links are used to magnetic self-downloading links via torrents (you need to install a torrent simulator)

On this portal you can get more than 33,000 books in different languages. It is important to that new contents are constantly being published in content, so if you are an avid reader, you will have a variety of new content.

ePubLibre has several distinctive and interesting features. For example, on each book’s page, the synopsis, the language, the author of the work, the readers’ rating or value of the work in question, as well as the publication date and, of course, the download link are indicated.

If we are registered on the page, we have the option to comment on the works. If you are not familiar with this excellent page we encourage you to access it, this is its official address

30 free days of books on Amazon

How ePubLibre was born

From its very birth, the ePubLibre organization had a very clear mission, they themselves explained that “this project is born from the desire of anonymous readers to share their favorite books with everyone who feels a longing for reading…” They considered that words enrich our intellect and open us to a world full of culture, and therefore it is a universal good that should be accessible to everyone.

Under this context, ePubLibre started an ambitious and one can say selfless project for the public good. Apparently, this site has its beginnings in the year 2007, just at the time when many were just becoming familiar with the digital age.

Its launch at that time was a total success, many companies and writers began to adapt to the new electronic method, this was a great benefit for the community of readers. However, it was also a benefit for the writers as they would not have to pay to publish their works, so they could know the acceptance of their writings in the readers’ response.

30 free days of books on Amazon

These are the best alternatives to ePubLibre

ePubLibre is one of the best digital libraries, its repertoire of books in EPUB format is extensive, even so, some users have lately asked what’s wrong with ePubLibre, in fact, they have commented that ePubLibre does not work, because some could not access this one.

The truth is that we don’t fully understand the bugs that the portal has. However, it is good for you to know that if this site does not meet your needs or you want to download information and you can’t access, these are the best alternatives to ePubLibre in 2020 that you should know about:


FreeBooks is one of the best alternatives you can find for ePubLibre. This website is mainly focused on offering eBooks geared towards college students in PDF format and at no cost. It has an order that dramatically facilitates our search for content. There you will find a lot of information geared towards university disciplines.


This page is very similar to ePubLibre and is one of the best alternatives. It offers us the option to download free e-books in different formats, among the most quoted PDF, EPUB, a simple fact that brings advantages to this alternative over ePubLibre. The content offered is totally free, it is certainly worth your time to know it.


This is an excellent alternative if ePubLibre is ever buggy. Lectulandia has a large database, of different genres or categories. You can find novels, children’s books, cooking, everything. The look of the portal is very attractive, elegant and useful.

The navigation is undoubtedly very pleasant and easy. It has several search systems, so that we can get the book we want according to the method that makes it easier for us.

It has several tabs clearly placed in the portal, as well as a very useful alphabetical index. If we are one of those who memorize the authors of the work, we can find our book by find our book using this option clearly displayed on the portal. You can download in PDF and EPUB format.

How does epublibre work?

ePubLibre is a community dedicated to providing links so that readers can share purchased books with the community, thus not harming the author of the work. An interesting aspect and that makes ePubLibre one of the favorites is its NONE advertising.

This portal offers the possibility to publish new works free of charge. If you are a writer you have to perform a test of mockup. For this purpose ePubLibre has manuals for packaging ebooks and you have to know that sometimes ePubLibre does not work. After doing so you will be evaluated by other writers of the portal.

On the other hand, there is also the errata, these are simply readers empowered to make corrections to new literary works. These errata serve the function of librarians, they are also in charge of updating the description file of the ebooks.

This process which seems somewhat complicated, allows ePubLibre to offer varied and quality content, plus it fulfills the dream to an avid hobby writer, that their work is being read, something that was practically impossible in the years before the digital age, it’s definitely a win, win.

30 free days of books on Amazon

 How to register with ePubLibre

Registering on ePubLibre is very simple. You need to access ePubLibre, once on the page, you will click on the request access button which is clearly located in the upper right corner of the portal. Then, a page will appear that will tell you to enter some data, and explain the reason why you want to participate.

After this step you will be sent a link to your email, click on it to verify the information already provided. After these steps we will click on the create option and choose our new username and password, and … we are already part of ePubLibre!

Steps for downloading free Epub books

Downloading digital content is very simple. If you have never downloaded content of this kind on the net, it may seem difficult, but it is quite the opposite, here are the steps, if you follow it you will be able to enjoy how much ePubLibre offers you:

  1. You must be inside the ePubLibre portal
  2. Within the portal, locate a bar with a blue magnifying glass which is clearly on the top right, that is the search bar.
  3. In the search bar you can enter the name of the literary work of your choice, or that of its author.
  4. Once you have typed your search, you will press the magnifying glass option and immediately the results will appear, you choose the one of your preference, and then the portal will direct you to a page where the review and some details of the work appear.
  5. After making sure it is the book of your preference, you press the “Download” button clearly identified with a green color. Wait a moment, and immediately a menu will appear with some options, choose “Copy link address”.
  6. At this point you can select the page from where the content will be downloaded. For example is a good option, there, you will copy the link.
  7. After all this, you will click on the box that says “Go” and a process will start, so you will have to wait a few seconds.
  8. When the process is finished you will have at your disposal your favorite book, and you can read it right away. Very easy!

What books can we download on ePubLibre?

ePubLibre has a catalog to download books at no cost. Since its very inception it provided a large number of them and still to this day, ePubLibre keeps up the pace in full 2020.

Some of the literary works that we can download are:  The Invisible Guardian, The Girl on the Train, Legacy in the bones, Games of thrones, (song of ice and fire) the silence of the white city, Palms in the snow, The white city, Palms in the snow, among many others.

It is important It is important to emphasize that many of these works have been made into movies with total success, although to do so they have modified part of the content. With the reading of these the original story and compare it with the copy taken to the big screen. big screen.

Some most searched literary authors in ePubLibre are: Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Fernando Aramburu, Isabel Allende, Eva García, Dolores Redondo, among many others. These writers own a high number of works, many of which are very popular.

30 free days of books on Amazon .

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