Best Alternatives to Lectulandia, Guide and tips for downloading Free Books in PDF, EPUB and MOBI


The digital format has gained ground to books in the modern world in which we live; paper books were left behind to read horror novels, romance or books like Harry Potter. Electronic reading is comfortable, has a host of advantages and with Lectulandia you are going to check it out.

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On the Internet there are numerous websites that allow us to download books at no cost, opening the doors to a sea of knowledge. The Lectulandia website is one of them, being one of the best pages for this purpose.

What is Lectulandia? E-books at your fingertips

It is a website, portal style, which offers a large number of digital books in Spanish totally free, it has a very large and varied complete list that currently has 36110 books by 14030 different authors.

You can browse Lectulandia without registering; although you must do so to enjoy the many advantages of the portal. The design of the page is attractive and simple, it has three distinctive tabs: authors, genres and series, in which we can navigate in order to find the book that catches our attention.

Another interesting feature of this website is that it orders the books according to the latest releases, the most read in the week, the month, or the most commented, so that we can download among the most popular ones.

Most read books in Lectulandia

  • Spend the Night with Me
  • The Name of the Rose
  • I Am Eric Zimmerman. Volume 1
  • Harry Potter (complete saga)
  • El viejo y el mar (trad. F. Gutiérrez)
  • La mecánica del corazón
  • Los ojos del perro siberiano
  • Reina roja
  • Historia de dos ciudades
  • La chica del tren

Most read authors in Lectulandia

  • Paula Hawkins
  • Dan Brown
  • Megan Maxwell
  • Juan Villoro
  • Albert Einstein
  • Agatha Christie
  • Anna Todd
  • Edgar Allan Poe
30 free days of books at Amazon

There is a question that arises before these download portals: Is Lectulandia legal?….

We can say that it is a gray zone, that is, this portal gives the option to the author of his work to claim if his material is available without his consent, the developers respect his claim and remove the work, but the page has hundreds of works without legal permission and make them available to the public at no cost so you can access them as long as the owner of the same does not make his claim.

How to download ebooks in Lectulandia

The method of   downloads on this page is very simple, we just have to take a few simple steps. It is not necessary to register, or log in with your Lectulandia account; Although doing so expands our options on the portal.

After locating the book we are interested in the search engine, we will have access to the cover of the book with a brief review. We can select if we want it in EPUB or PDF format, click on it and click on it and that’s it! The page will direct us to the corresponding download link. (You will see some ads until you see the link). As you can see, downloading books in lectulandia is very simple.

30 free days of books on Amazon .

Better alternatives to Lectuland and other formats

Although Lectulandia is great, and has a large database, some links are down. You can report it so they can fix the problem, but while you’re at it you can access other portals like Ebookmundo and the options below to see if you can get that book you want. Here are some alternatives

Freebook sifter

It is a tool that allows us to locate a variety of books from different sources on the network, has a tab that divides the eBooks by genre, totally free.

It maintains a constant update in its content. An interesting aspect is that to offer content at no cost and is careful to remove links to books that are no longer. It provides its content in different formats among which are pdf, txt, epub, etc.


Epublibre is a website that makes available a large number of eBook titles in 11 languages. It is continually updating the content of the content of the portal. The site’s interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. navigation, it has distinctive sections, among new features; it is what has been published in the week, the latest updates; the books that have been reviewed, the available titles; the books that are in the catalog; the best rated books; the most the most commented by the users.

Epublibre has the particularity of offering even, some tentative titles that will soon be published, so if we are waiting for a specific book and we see it in that section we will know that it will soon be available to us. This portal is very complete, an excellent alternative to Lectulandia.


Exitosepub is a portal that gives us the opportunity to search books in epub format books in epub format, totally free and the best thing is that it has a wide variety of titles. Its interface is not very attractive, but it is functional. We can download the content with a bittorrent link, or with a direct download link.


MegaEpub is a great website where we can find a multitude of e-books totally free. They are available in Epub format, which is one of the most used formats on mobiles and tablets, of course, there are also apps that are very useful to open them directly on the computer.

This portal has a friendly, attractive, and orderly interface. The content is divided by categories, has a wide number of genres for all tastes.

For example, it offers books on self-improvement, romance, children’s books and even more specialized literary works such as psychology, medicine, etc.. It is a real pleasure to browse this portal, you can find everything easily.


This portal has an extensive electronic book catalog of approximately 110,000 works, with very varied titles, from crime novels, science, medicine, to cooking etc. Its database is so extensive that we can assure you that, if the book you are looking for is not here, then it is nowhere.

The downside of this excellent portal is its appearance. The design of the page is anchored to the past, it looks like a forum from the early years of the internet, its navigation can be very boring, nothing compared to the alternatives already exposed above.

However, despite these drawbacks, it is a website that meets the objective, it provides us with a wealth of literary content. One aspect worth knowing is that it provides us with a search button, which allows us to easily find the book of our preference.

30 free days of books on Amazon

How to register in Lectulandia

The registration system is very simple.

  • First we must enter the lectulandia page, in the upper right corner we will find two “buttons”. One says Books, and the other says Login, we will click on Login.
  • There we will be asked for our user, but as we do not have it yet, we will click where it says Register (next to where it says forgot password).
  • We must enter the user name we want and our email, then a message will arrive to our email, we will click on the address that this includes and write the new password, and ready, we are already registered.
  • Now we must return to the home page and click on Login and place our newly created account.
30 free days of books at Amazon

Advantages of using the lectulandia website

Lectulandia has a wide advantage over other websites. The feature of presenting content by authors is very useful. If we are passionate about the works of a certain author, we can find the other writings of that other writings of the same author, opening us to a considerable number of new literary works that we may not have read. literary works that we may not have read.

Another advantage is that it offers us is the possibility of downloading in EPUB format, but also in PDF, that broadens our possibilities of getting the content on our mobile. get the content on our mobile. Unlike other portals, the downloading of literary works is very fast, and without any inconvenience.

The way Lectulandia works makes our stay in the portal a pleasant one. This portal has very practical features. For example, it has a varied way of finding the content we want.

One of these ways to locate the material is its alphabetical index, which appears clearly at the beginning of the portal, with the help of this index you can find your favorite book, this option is very useful if you do not remember exactly the name of the literary work.

If we remember the title of the book, we can use the internal search engine, a magnifying glass, in which we can place the exact name we are looking for. But, these are not the only ways in how we can navigate to get what we are looking for in this portal.

It also has a section of authors, this is really useful, if we do not remember the title of the book; but if the author’s name. No doubt that Lectulandia is a sea of treasures and best of all, it’s free.

30 free days of books on Amazon

Disadvantages of using lectuland

 What’s wrong with Lectulandia? Despite being an excellent free download site, it has some drawbacks that are worth knowing about. It has some downed links (although we can report it, it’s a bit annoying).

Another disadvantage that this great portal has is the addressing of the ads. address of the advertisements. By having a certain number of advertisements when clicking on downloads, there is a click to downloads, there is the risk of virus, clear for it is necessary to keep our computer up to date with the keep our computer up to date with antivirus.

Although this portal has many titles, it does not have continuous updates, so somehow we do not have a wide variety of new books. Other portals keep a good rhythm of updating their content, even so, the material present in the portal is wide and very useful.

Another aspect that Lectulandia users have reported is a page error problem. Sometimes, when choosing the EPUB format, the page downloads it in PDF which is very tedious, although this is very tedious, although this does not happen so often is a disadvantage that has and that you should know.

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