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Little by little, you will become your best SEO version and you will know everything about Search Engine Optimization.


I know you are thinking about positioning your website, that’s why in this SEO Blog I have created a post so that little by little you can improve your website and be able to position it in the easiest way possible.


In SEO Blog there are reviews of the best SEO courses on the market. I also tell you about the SEO masters I have done so you can have my experience before starting your career.

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Working in SEO without quality tools is getting harder every day. Take a look at the posts I have written to detail step by step a correct content strategy.

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SEO is not the only way to live in Google and all marketers know that. That’s why I’ll tell you some tricks to improve your personal brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


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I know you are thinking about positioning your website in any search engine, so in this SEO Blog I have created post to gradually improve your website.

What works today? The best SEO interviews conducted by SEO blog to the best professionals in the industry are here, find out everything in this section.

In SEO Blog there are reviews of the best SEO courses on the market. I also tell you about the SEO masters I have done so you can have my experience.

Personal marketing and marketing for companies has become an indispensable tool and one that has more future.

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You are in the largest space with the most used vocabulary and terms when we talk about SEO.

The world of the Internet is like an endless ocean and today you will know that an SEO expert is what you need to get your website optimised. Every day countless posts appear on the net, in which a melee war is started to gain the most visits.

How can you achieve a good position in the SERP results? And, what's more, is it possible thanks to an SEO expert to be number 1 in the most famous search engines on the Internet: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex?

These questions are of vital importance if you have made your website your personal business. To learn how to position yourself, you need to follow the recommendations of an SEO expert. In the following, I will explain to you what this specialist in Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing does and why you should follow his advice if you want to succeed in this wild lake of beasts.

Before talking about the functions of an SEO expert and the audits he performs, it is vital to understand what SEO means and its importance.

When a user needs to get a product or service, he asks a question or asks for a phrase, and in a few moments the search engine checks among millions of possible results.

On the results page known as SERPs are the best pages, in other words, the posts that have achieved a good Search Engine Optimization, that is to say, that respond to the request that the user is asking. Easy right?

If you have a website you should try to apply a series of actions in order to appear in the top results. To do this you must strive to offer substantial and valuable information that allows you to be visible in this infinite lake of the Internet. To achieve visibility some companies decide to seek the services of an SEO specialist.

Before talking about the SEO consultant and Search Engine Marketing it is necessary to understand that there are two ways to achieve the top positions, by pay per click or SEM and by organic positioning. The first consists of implementing a series of advertisements, which will appear in different positions on the Google page according to your criteria and pay per click.

On the other hand, the natural positioning consists of getting the best position, but in a natural way, for this you must be informed of the criteria that Google establishes, which are very many. This is where the basic role of an SEO expert comes into play.

It is a professional with specialised knowledge in the implementation of Search Engine Optimisation strategies to achieve a good organic position in search engines such as Google. The SEO consultant or expert must be aware of the changes in search engine algorithms made mainly by Google.

Some of these most important algorithm changes were Google Panda and Google Penguin. It is important to note that this professional can be a freelancer or work and help you through a specialised SEO agency.

This professional is expected to be involved with modern digital marketing, and have the necessary tools to give better visibility in the SERPs of Google or any of the most used search engines today. The vast majority of us work on Google.

The SEO specialist not only knows the changing algorithms of the search engines, but also has basic notions in the field of programming, growth hacking, design and advertising.

Therefore, they are prepared to analyse their clients' e-commerce or company websites and detect the possible flaws that have prevented them from generating the most traffic.

This professional must have a deep understanding of the principles of SEO On Page and Off Page, in addition to knowing which words can be key in order to generate the highest number of visits.

It is a source of support in terms of the structuring of links, as well as the technical and information architecture of the website itself in order to make it more attractive to Google.

On the other hand, you must master perfectly the Backlinks, i.e. the quality and quantity of the links, which is one of the aspects that Google analyses in detail to perceive the importance of a website. These are vital to exponentially improve the SEO ranking of your business.

Another aspect of great importance in which an SEO Specialist must have extensive knowledge, is the behaviour of search engines; the most sought after is Google.

In addition to understanding the reasons for penalties and avoiding them, as there is no point in "illegally getting a good position in the search engine" and then getting a penalty in a short time.

Although hiring the services of an expert in Search Engine Optimisation is a personal decision that will depend on the business you are implementing, the truth is that this professional is of great help, in addition to the execution of their strategies is sure to increase revenue in the online world.

On the other hand, it has the ability to determine the most relevant or most searched content on the web, so that it can contribute exponentially in our growth on the Internet.

If you have a business you need to be present on the web, therefore, it is not only vital to open a website for the business you are running; for which an SEO expert can also help you. But it is also necessary that it appears in the SERPs of Google so that a greater number of customers can find you and buy your products or services.

A website will be like a constant advertisement for your company, if you hire the services of an SEO consultant they will provide you with the tools to give your business a greater reach. So I can tell you that it is absolutely necessary to have a web professional.

We can affirm that this expert fulfils several functions of vital importance for his clients, and each of them is aimed at bringing the website to the top, i.e. to a good position on the Internet. In summary, I will highlight three occupations of this expert:

Creator of content of the highest quality

Just as no one would cut their hair with a person who never combs their hair, it is to be expected that an SEO consultant enjoys several pages on the Internet with excellent visibility. He or she must generate substantial content that meets the intentions of search engines and generates user loyalty.

Therefore, it is clear that this specialist must know how to produce content oriented to a target audience. Therefore, he/she must have a team capable of generating it in full compliance with the keywords and criteria of the different search engines (where you want to publish).

Give a good browsing experience

Web portals with better positioning are those, among other things, that enjoy a good UX. Therefore, an SEO consultant is expected to provide a rewarding user experience due to the light design of the page, although the responsibility obviously lies with a web programmer and a designer.

The content must be arranged attractively, so that the user can get to the information quickly. Also, the website should have other topics of interest so that the user is hooked on the blog and even becomes loyal. A good SEO consultant will help you in this aspect, and in turn will enjoy a website with these features.

Implement strategies for search engine positioning and organic traffic

The SEO Manager knows the behaviour of users, therefore, he/she must participate in the implementation of digital marketing strategies. Therefore, he/she must analyse some data in order to determine whether the information provided is working or not, and based on that make some changes in approaches.

For example, in some sales websites, the design or the way offers are presented are not being well channelled. Then at this point the SEO consultant puts on the web analyst's suit, and tries to skilfully perceive some strategy that allows the user or customer to feel good about the website.

It is of vital importance to listen to the recommendations of the SEO specialist, because his word weighs at the moment of making our portal grow.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by those seeking the services of an SEO consultant. However, the answer is a bit imprecise, because it will depend on the service offered by the consultant. For example, we sometimes give advice by the hour, so if the service you are requesting is a short one, it will be cheaper than if you need a complete overhaul of your website. This service is really an investment, because this type of professional will help you generate more income. I recommend you to ask for a quote from at least two specialists before hiring my services, this way you can be sure if you can afford this investment.

Google is one of the most widely used search engines, and its goal is to provide clear and useful answers to the user. Therefore, it has invested a great deal of money in understanding the user's search intent. In other words, it tries to perceive What is the user looking for: information or a product purchase? Based on that, it returns a number of answers to the queries posed.

The real SEO expert not only provides a list of keywords thanks to a Keyword Research, but tries to think about the type of content that Google wants to be offered. To do this, you must know how to focus the content of your blog or shop according to the user's requirements.

If you don't offer a true answer, then the user will be frustrated and possibly look for another result. Google doesn't want that, so before indexing results for simple keywords it also tries to perceive whether the post in question is the answer to the query.

The SEO specialist knows, that if he does not make an effort to meet this criterion Google will find out and stop directing its attention to him. In other words "search intent is vital, if your content does not align with Google you will die in the online world".

If your idea of increasing the number of traffic to your website is simply to place a series of keywords, you are wasting your time. That strategy alone does not work. If you have no idea what other strategy to implement, then you definitely need an expert Google SEO consultant.

As we have analysed, the figure of an SEO expert is of utmost importance in the online world and hiring an SEO expert will make the difference. Every day a huge amount of content is indexed on the web. It is a real struggle in which you can be victorious if you rely on a professional in the area. The SEO specialist is a consultant with extensive knowledge of the search engines, as well as the behaviour and demands of users. So, if you want to be visible, I recommend that you seek support from a specialist. As for the fee or payment to be made, there are various affordable prices, and this will depend on the type of service you are requiring and the experience of the professional. Do not see it as an expense but as an investment, because more traffic will represent an increase in income for your business. The online world is a vast and endless ocean, take advantage of this window that connects us to the outside world! But to avoid any frustration, take advice from the experts. They have the tools you need to succeed in your business regardless of your approach. Have you been failing to rank well in Google for years? Can't understand why your content isn't ranking well in the search engines? Have you received penalties from Google and don't know why? An SEO expert will help you deal with these problems, do not hesitate to ask for their services, and you will see how you will grow immediately in the online world.

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization

SEO is short for search engine optimization, and is used to improve a website’s overall visibility and relevance to Google. SEO is about finding and understanding the information that visitors want and need, and then placing it in a useful and efficient order.

Little by little, you will become your best SEO self and know everything you need to know about SEO.

Santos Muñoz Tebar​

Since 2010 working in SEO and creating niches to position them in Google.

I have completed 2 Masters in SEO. In 2016 at IEBS School and in 2018 at Webpositer Academy. I have been SEO Consultant at Webpositer and I have been the Head of SEO at Roams. In my spare time I think of myself as a #Musician and I’m the #Drummer at Crocodile. Besides #SEO I am certified in #Adwords and #Analytics.

I’m passionate about Rock music and sometimes I write songs.

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